​​​​​​​Talented craftsmen and skilled professionals have shaped our products and designs for generations. We challenge existing standards for workwear and develop our own textiles to constantly improve the durability, comfort and functionality of workwear.
That's why we mean it when we say: We are cut from a different cloth.

With new materials, user research and product innovation we make workwear work harder - and look better than ever before.
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Our latest collection of workwear has been created for the industry and craftsmen. Developed in collaboration with talented professionals.

Kansas Crafted

Kansas Crafted is a unique collection designed to exceed expectations and set new standards. The collection is made for the ones who strive for the extraordinary. Crafted for the ones who demand more from functionality as well as design.

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Crafted Shield Jacket
Ultralight and dust repellent. Perfect for installing and removing insulation materials.
Crafted Windstopper Hoodie
First ever windproof hoodie with GORE WINDSTOPPER membrane. Extremely breathable and comfortable to wear.