Get inspiret by true professionels who all have great passion for their craft.

Meet (soon-to-be)
Industrial Technician, Robert Nielsen

A math-nerdy apprentice and proud Danish vocational bronze medal winner. And happy tester of the KANSAS polo, which is also great for a walk in the city. Meet Robert, a man on the cusp of professional certification.

Meet Mr. Robot,
Mikkel Oskar Højer Nielsen

A fascination for science and the beautiful new robot world became the way into education for this automation technician, “because someone has to have the robots’ thoughts in mind.” Meet Mr. Robot

Meet designer, business owner, kitchen manufacturer/installer; and carpenter’s apprentice, Hans Henrik Haarh

You won’t find him clocking out at 4 o’clock. Far from it! For Hans, this is a passion. Meet the contractor, who gets a kick out of wood, steel and stone and the crafted solutions that are always at his fingertips.

Meet Ronnie and Jens

Working in 100 meters height is not for the faint hearted. Cooperation, security and visible workwear can result in the difference between life and death. Read about Ronnie and Jens' story here.

Meet Christophe desimpelaere

Christophe is chief mecanic in the Christophe er chefmekaniker in the World Tour - and has been for the past 21 years. He is always 100 % Han er altid 100 % ready to go. Read about his story here.

Meet Heidi zilmer

Heidi Zilmer is a painter and a world class craftsman. She masters  the art of transformation and can turn plastic into wood. Read more about her passion here.