winter workwear

- so you can defy cold, wind and rain
You can't control the weather. But you can decide what to wear. Morning frost, rain and cold wind does not only put you to a hard test, but also you winter work clothes. Anyone working outside knows what a big difference it is to have some durable winter workwear. Especially in the winter you know how important it is to wear durable winter workwear, as the clothes must perform more than in other seasons. When it is bad weather, you mostly need more than one rain jacket. Winter workwear must keep you warm, be comfortable to wear and at the same time be breathable if you have physically hard work. In addition, winter workwear must often ensure that visibility is good - especially when it is foggy or it snows. In many professions, personal protective clothing is also necessary. We have more than 90 years of experience with the Scandinavian weather in our collection. We know what kind of winter workwear you need for different purposes.

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