Privacy and data policy

Your integrity is important to us! At this site you’ll find information about where and how we handle and store your private information when you are at Kansas. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. They can tell you more about how we handle your information/data.

Who’s in charge of the information we collect?

Kansas is part of Kansas A/S and the Fristads Kansas Group. Kansas A/S oversees the personal information and data, you register when making a purchase at Furthermore, we take responsibility for all further contact you have with us and how we treat this information is in full compliance with the legislation.

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Where is your personal data stored?

We strive to ensure, that your personal info to the widest extent of knowledge is treated within the European economic area of collaboration by our own IT systems – but they can be transferred and processed in a country outside EU (so called third country).  These transfers are only made to receiving countries with enough protection and in compliance with current legislation. If the transfer is made to a partner for a service in the US this only applies for companies included in the “Privacy Shield”, which is an agreement protecting personal information between EU and the United States.

Who has access to your information?

Your information is used primarily by Kansas to meet our obligations towards you and to improve your experience when being at Kansas. They can also be split within the Fristads Kansas Group (Visit to see which companies is part of the group).

To offer you the below services and meet our obligations towards you as a customer, we share your personal information with companies that work as our personal data processors.

This only with the means in which we collected the data in the first place. We only share data with companies, that can give enough guarantees for the safety and confidentiality of the personal information.

We deliver information and content to suppliers and service providers that support our business, e.g. by delivering technical infrastructural services (for instance web shop, IT-systems, CRM and marketing systems), analyzing how our products is used, deliver and distribute products, you have purchased, offer payments or performs or completes surveys.  We never sell your information to third parties. If the ownership of Kansas is changed, we’ll transfer information about you to the new owner.  

How long do we store data?

We store data until they are no longer necessary to give you a good customer experience or to meet our obligations according to agreements. Information we receive about you (including data regarding financial transactions related to purchases) is stored in the amount of time required by current legislation.

Which rights do you have?

Right to insight

You have the right to, at any moment, request information regarding personal data we store about you. You must contact Kansas, and we’ll get back to you with an answer letting you know which information, we possess concerning you.

Right to correction

You have the right to request a correction of incorrect personal information and supply us when we have incomplete data.

Right to be forgotten / deleted

You have the right to request that Kansas deletes the personal information about you we process. This can be relevant in the following situations:

Right to say no to direct marketing:

You have the right to deny direct marketing including profiling to direct marketing. You can deselect direct marketing as follows:

  • Follow the guideline in all marketing campaigns we send out
  • By informing Kansas customer service, that you no longer wish to receive direct marketing

Right to say no to direct marketing:

You have the right to deny direct marketing including profiling to direct marketing. You can deselect direct marketing as follows:

  • Follow the guideline in all marketing campaigns we send out
  • By informing Kansas customer service, that you no longer wish to receive direct marketing

Right to limited processing

You have the right to request that Kansas restrict the processing of your personal information in following situations:

  • In certain situations, it can be justified to demand, that processing of personal information is restricted. Restriction means, that the data is marked, so that they, in the future, can only be processed for curtain limited purposes.
  • The right to restriction applies – among others – when the registered party thinks that the information is wrong or has requested a correction.
  • If you indicate that your personal information is incorrect, Kansas A/S will not treat information in the period, where the investigation of the accuracy is ongoing.

Contact – who do I contact, if I have questions?

If you have questions concerning our handling of your personal information or if you wish to receive an extract of our registration database, withdraw your consent, oppose the processing regarding direct marketing etc. you are welcome to contact us.

You can contact Kansas at our customer service number: 70 10 70 74 or by e-mail

Right to issue a complaint

If you are not satisfied with the way we process your personal data and/or the answers, you have received from us, you are entitled to complain to DPA (

Which types of personal data do we process?

We collect personal information, that you provide us, when you make a purchase from Kansas both through our web shop and other channels, when you download a catalogue, fill out a form or participate in competitions.Examples of data collected through purchases and/or interest in some of Kansas’ products could be contact information such as name, customer number, address, e-mail address, phone number, order information, payment info and history of payment, payments already made, behavior on our digital platforms and response on marketing materials.

Furthermore, we can collect personal data from external partners like address data from public registers and credit data from credit data bureaus, banks or credit reporting companies.


How do we use your personal data in relation to marketing?

We use your personal information to send you customized offers based on your interests, relevant marketing, important information, customer surveys and invitations by e-mail, text, phone or mail.

To optimize your experience, we give you relevant information, product recommendations as well as reminders, that you have items left in your shopping cart. All these services are based on your previous buys, clicks and information, you provide us.

Which types of personal information do we handle for marketing purposes?

We treat data such as:

  • Customer information like name, address, e-mail address, phone number or postal number
  • The products, ads and content, you interact with
  • Your purchasing history
  • Behavior based information, navigation and clicks on website and other digital channels
  • Answers to marked surveys

Who can use your personal information?

Third party information is only available for the distribution of services in relation to our marketing and communication: This means PR agencies and technical suppliers maintaining the distribution of physical and digital direct marketing.  

We will never sell or share your information to a third party for marketing purposes.

Legal basis for process of data

We collect, store, use and share data, that came to our possession in the ways described in this politic:

  • In compliance with your consent, which you can recall anytime by contacting Kansas’ customer service
  • In the extent it is necessary for us to fulfill our legal obligations
  • To protect yours or all’s basic interests
  • In the extent necessary to secure our legitimate interests by delivering a safe, professional, secure and relevant service as well as service to our users and partners, unless these interests are conflicting with your interests or basic rights and freedoms, that demands protection of personal information

Right to say no to direct marketing:

You have the right to deny direct marketing including profiling to direct marketing.

You can deselect direct marketing as follows:

  • Follow the guideline in all marketing campaigns we send out
  • By informing Kansas customer service, that you no longer wish to receive direct marketing

How long do we store your data?

We will keep your information in direct marketing until you inform us, that you no longer wish to receive direct marketing from Kansas.

Customer service and administration

Why do we use your personal data at customer service?

We use your personal information to handle your requests, place orders, handle questions concerning product specific problems, e-mail, chat, phone and social media, as well as for handling returns, complaints, claims or other customer related problems. Furthermore, we need the ability to contact you if there is a problem with your order.

Which type of personal information do we handle in customer service?

We process all the information, you provide, including the following information:

  • Contact information such as name, address, e-mail and phone number
  • Payment information and history of payment
  • Credit evaluation
  • Information about ordering
  • Order history
  • Sizes and dimensions/measures
  • Notes and other actions
  • When and how marked communication has happened: e.g. by clicking on our website our events
  • All correspondence concerning the customer relation

Which legal ground do we have for processing your personal information?

We process your personal information as a means to maintain Kansas’ legitimate interests and be capable of administrating and finalizing your purchases and deliveries, send you delivery notifications by text, e-mail or mail, handle returns and administer your customer account on our websites with the purpose of giving you a personalized experience.  

How long will we keep your information?

We store your information until it is no longer required by law or until you ask us to delete your data and this is not in conflict with any ongoing activity.  


How do we use your personal information, when we have competitions?

When you participate in Kansas’ competitions, we’ll gather the data, you provide us when entering the competition. We use this data to contact you after the competition and to contact the winners and hand over their prizes.

What types of personal information do we handle when having a competition?

  • Contact information such as name, address, e-mail address and phone number
  • Information send to us regarding the participation of the competition e.g. clothing size

Who can use your personal information in relation to competitions?

Information to third parties is only provided in the delivery of the following services: e.g. transportation companies, to hand out prizes and potential partners in the competition.

Which legal grounds exist in relation to the handling of your data when participating in a competition?

When you participate in a competition arranged by Kansas, the way we treat your data relies on your consent. This you give us when participating in the competition. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

How long will we keep your information?

We store your information in marketing auspices until you withdraw your consent.

development and improvement

How do we use your personal information in our development work?  

We use data to evaluate, develop and improve all our services, products and systems to serve our customers the best possible way. As a result, we do not analyze your data on a personal level, all data processing takes place with anonymized personal data.

This include analysis, that makes it possible for us to make our services more customer friendly. For instance, we can adjust the interface to make the flow of information as simple as possible. Furthermore, we can identify the most used digital channels used by our customers and thereby improve the system.

Which types of personal information do we handle?

If you have provided us with the information listed below, we will process these:

  • Contact information such as name, address, e-mail address and phone number
  • Customer number
  • Behavioral information e.g. clicks on our site
  • E-mail history

If you have shopped at Kansas, we will process the following information:

  • Order history
  • Delivery information
  • Payment history

We process the following personal information in relation to cookies:

  • History of clicks on website
  • Navigation and surfing history
  • Your actions when receiving marketing materials e.g. clicks when you open a message

Who uses your personal information for developing purposes?

We are using website analyzing companies to analyze our customers online behavior on a general level. Such services include e.g. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Adwords, Hojtar, Facebook Tracking Pixel, eMarketer (e-mail marketing). By using these services, we can improve your customer experience and adapt our communication to your needs.

Which legal grounds exist in relation to the handling of your data for developing purposes?

Management of your personal information to develop and improve our services rely on our legitimate interest.

How long will we keep your information?

We store your information until you ask us to delete them.  


A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer or mobile unit and is brought back when you visit the site again. By using our services, you accept cookies as well.

How do we use cookies?

Kansas’ dealer web shop use cookies to, among other things, handle the content of the shopping cart. If you have blocked cookies you can’t shop on the website as your basket will ’forget’ its content every time you refresh the page. If you do not wish to allow cookies, you can shop by opening a so-called incognito window in your browser and therethrough complete your purchase.

All cookies will then be deleted automatically when the browser is closed. We also use cookies as statistics e.g. to see which articles the same visitor sees and thereby offer automated product recommendations to the visitor.

Besides the cookies in the shopping cart, we use session-cookies to remember your login information on your site, as well as the settings regarding language, land and if the visitor is a business or private customer. This way you do not need to make the same choices every time you visit Kansas online.

We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Adwords, which also use cookies. The goal is to get an idea how our customers use the website. This type of cookies does not contain information that can identify who you are.

A link to social media by the ‘like’-button on Facebook or LinkedIn reads if there are any previous cookies used on the page at earlier visits. The analyzing service Hotjar use cookies to study the use of the website to optimize and improve the customer experience. When you fill out a formula or similar on any Kansas page or in social media, a cookie is placed through our eMarketer marketing tool to give you a unique and personal experience and future communication. We further use third party tracking cookies to show you relevant ads about Kansas’ products on other websites and channels.

Which types of personal information do we handle?

We only combine your cookie code with the personal information we’ve gathered about you in the situations where such information is collected in our systems e.g. if you subscribe to our newsletter or has downloaded our catalogue.

Who can use your personal information

Information to third parties are only provided when delivering above mentioned services. We use an analytical tool to collect statistics to optimize our website and give you the right marketing materials.

Which legal grounds exist in relation to the handling of your data?

We only combine your cookie code with your personal information if you are logged into your account, subscribe to our newsletter or is based on the legal basis for handling of personal data for this purpose on our legitimate interests.

How long will we keep your information?

Kansas does not store your personal data in your cookies. With your browser, you can easily delete cookies from your computer or mobile device. You can find instructions on how to use and delete cookies from your browser under ‘Help’. You can turn of cookies or choose to receive information each time a new cookie is send to your computer or mobile device.

NB: If you turn off cookies, you can’t explore all functions. If you for instance leave a product in your shopping cart in a web shop, it is technically dependent of cookies.

Services to gather data

Which services is used to collect data?

Kansas use another third-party data collection service that makes it possible to maintain, communicate and do marketing, so that communication and content adapts to you. Below mentioned are the services, we are using – these are connected to and the web shops on You can read more about which information the service collects and stores.

Google Adwords

Adwords is the Google search marked tool we use to improve our online ads. When you search after Kansas at Google Search, you see our ads that takes you to the Kansas web shop, when you click it. In this example, your browser installs cookie-information that follows your browser until you delete the browsers cookie-history. The information collected by this cookie will also be tied to the Google Analytics service we use to track results from different marketing activities. If you choose to buy a product through this keyword search this will also leave a Google Analytics trace.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics measure and analyze activity on our website and such as buys, sites visited and behavioral history.  Google Analytics works with a cookie to track user activity. We use Google Analytics to improve our customers experience and measure results of our marketing effort. These include marketing search campaigns, e-mail campaigns and campaigns made for external webservices such as Google Adwords.

Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / Linkedin

We use social media to create relations with new and existing customers. Such acts could be campaigns targeting a specific audience that we think might be interested in the offer, we have. Every service uses its own tracking pixel installed in source in our online shop. The tracking image can be described as a small application that follows the user e.g. from Facebook by a specific campaign to the people, that visits our website. This type of tracking helps us understand our customers and feed them relevant content on each channel.


Hotjar is a tool used to figure out which parts of our website our visitors find interesting. Hotjar gives us the possibility of seeing heatmaps for different sites on our website showing which is interesting and which aren’t. Furthermore, Hotjar offers modeling videos of the user activity from the pages, we wish to track. This information makes it possible for us to build better websites for you as a customer: This means you’ll see exactly what you’re interested in at the right place on the page.


eMarketer is the platform used to send out newsletters, customer announcements and other customer related e-mail, marketing and communication. eMarketer collects behavior on a personal level, but we only use it on group level to understand what content is relevant for each audience. Such behavior could be the opening of e-mails and clicks made in an open e-mail. eMarketer saves a cookie in the browser for the clicks you’ve made in the e-mails we’ve send and traced. In general, all e-mails we send out contain links. This information is also sent to the CRM-system we use. Furthermore, our sales organization handles the data to build and maintain customer relations. The main use of eMarketer is strict marketing as we use it to reach customers with targeted content. Information stored depends on the specific campaign; It could contain data such as first and last name, expert area, phone number, e-mail address, when you plan to buy workwear, number of employees and what’s important for you, when you select your workwear.


Super Office is our CRM-system where we store information about existing as well as potential new customers. This information could involve company name, contact information and purchase payment. This information is used by our sales organization, customer service and our marketing department. The marketing team use the information to create targeted content with the above mentioned eMarketer-software.

for an improved user experience

We continuously learn more about our customers through the above-mentioned tools. Our main goal is to be relevant at any time: This involves creating content of interest to you, your company, your area of expertise or your behavior. With this information we can customize your online visits to accommodate your expected user experience. The collection of data is crucial for our business, but it is also for your benefit. But most importantly you can trust us when we say that you can rest assured that we take your integrity and security seriously.

changes of this privacy policy

The privacy policy is continuously changed when we find it necessary. You can always see when the politic was last upgraded at the bottom of this page.  Denne policy er senest opdateret: 25-02-2020.