CRAFted for tomorrow

An exclusive collection crafted from innovative materials. Designed with extreme attention to detail. Made to meet the highest standards and set new ones.

Kansas crafted is for the demanding craftsman, seeking to push the boundaries of performance as well as style.


Ultra-light and dust-repellent jacket, ideal for working with insulation materials. Transparent and with fluorescent details in the inside. New in the market.

crafted products

About KANSAS crafted

Kansas Crafted is an innovative collection of workwear for the quality conscious craftsman. These are extraordinary products that raise the bar for workwear. The collection is developed in collaboration with world class craftsmen and sets new standards in the "craftsmanship" category. The collaboration has resulted in several unique products that are the first of their kind on the market.

market first windstopper® hoodie

The Crafted collection introduces the first ever windproof sweatshirt / hoodie. The sweatshirt is made with a GORE WINDSTOPPER® membrane, which prevents the wind from penetrating. Now you no longer need a big winter jacket when you work outside in windy and cold weather.

Crafted compression t-shirt

A compression t-shirt to support you in your work. It is made of a sweat-carrying material that keeps you dry and warm all day. Being a craftsman takes a toll on your back and this t-shirt is posture corrective and helps you take care of your back.