Workwear Reengineered

Kansas Evolve brings Workwear up to speed with the demands of the modern industry and craft business. Co-created with skilled workers, the collection takes functionality, durability and comfort to the next level.


Comfortable worker pants in full stretch for 100% freedom of movement. Multiple ventilation options at knees and thighs.

Evolve craftsmen

Evolve industry


The Evolve collection is made for companies where industrial workers and craftsmen work side by side. The collection comprises of outfits for both the industrial worker and the craftsman in matching colours, offering the opportunity of a uniform expression.

Evolve industry

The industry collection features everything the modern industrial worker needs. Discover overalls and work pants with matching t-shirts, polo shirts, work shirts and work jackets.

The products have been designed in a simple yet contemporary design with the functional details you need everyday. Furthermore, the products are made of lightweight material and the trousers are designed with modern fit and ventilation around the thighs, which can be easily opened and closed. This allows the air to circulate when working in warm environments.

Evolve craftsmen

The Evolve Craftsmen collection features a number of products that match the products in the Evolve Industry collection. Discover work pants and overalls in a comfortable full-stretch material, offering freedom of movement. In addition to work pants and overalls, you will also find long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts, a hoodie, a sweat jacket and a stretch work jacket.

Work trousers and overalls were designed for the craftsman with ample pockets for all your tools. Recognizing the different trades and work scenarios, pockets can be removed and put on as you wish. Both pants and overalls are the first in the market to be extended in the front, so they close perfectly around the shoes and ensure that you avoid getting grit and dirt in the shoes.