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Workwear Catalogue

Unique materials designed specifically to suit you and your work requirements. Striving to raise the bar in terms of durability, comfort and functional design.

Workwear Catalogue

Kansas apparel

Kansas Apparel is a collection of work and leisure clothing for everyday use. Created in a simple design that will exceed your expectations of durability and function. Shaped by everyday life and made to match the demands and values of craftsmen and professionals.

Painters workwear

A tribute to all professionals who on an everyday basis practice their craft to the highest standard. The clothes are provided with a wide range of craft-specific practical details that make it both easier and more comfortable to deliver thoroughness and precision when painting. Every day. All day.

Kansas Evolve

Kansas Evolve brings workwear up to speed with the demands of the modern industry and craft business. Co-created with skilled workers, the collection takes functionality, durability and comfort to the next level.