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​​​​​​Kansas is a professionel workwear brand within Fristads Kansas Group
Fristads Kansas Group's strategy is build on a passion for providing hard-working professionels the workwear they need to perform well. To produce great workwear it's essential to understand our customers working conditions and challanges to contribute to their efficienty, safety and well-being in their particular line of work. Fristads Kansas group is the largest supplier of workwear and profilewear in Europe with a turnover on more than 500 million euro with a comprehensive and international portfolio of brands and products for customers worldwide.


The strategy of the Fristads Kansas Group is based on a passion for the working professionals and the clothing they need. Millions of people wear our garments every day. We believe that by understanding the conditions of the working professionals, we can contribute to their performance, safety and well-being by dressing them according to whatever job they have at hand.  

Fristads Kansas Group have an extensive production line which enables cost efficiency together with a high service level and the broad network makes it possible for extented reach around the world and for us to offer tailored workwear solutions to fit the demand of each industry. As market leaders Fristads Kansas Group continues to maintain the high standards for quality, comfort, innovation and service in the workwear industry.

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The Fristads Kansas group is a collaborative merging of several of the strongest workwear brands in Europe. Our explicit purpose is to offer an unrivalled selection of professional workwear to industries all across Europe. The heritage of Fristads Kansas Group mission is one of innovation, entrepreneurship and a constant striving towards professional excellence. By gathering a wide variety of the most solid brands in our business, we aim to carry this legacy with us into the future. Fristads Kansas Group are proud to continuously put the needs of the working professional first. This has been the guiding principle shared by founders like Poul Larsen (Kansas®), John Magnuson (Fristads®), Henri and Gilles Bragard (Bragard®) and Lars Wenaas (Wenaas®) - we intend to keep to this principle as we move forward together. We always strive to improve our products and services by listening to the needs of our users and combine theese with innovative technology, design and style.